How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy That Gets Results

This morning, as I turned into putting in place my computer to do my Zoom meeting, I become feeling type of extraordinary because my paintings desk is my bed!

Why am I doing a Zoom meeting on my mattress?

The cause is because, it’s Monday morning and both my daughters are having their on-line classes as the same time.

My daughters are occupying my paintings desk and the eating desk, consequently I have to do my on-line meeting on my bed.

Is this a horrific thing?

No, I do not suppose so due to the fact both me and my husband make money working from home.

We run a a hit community marketing commercial enterprise in Asia and we’ve got buddies in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Hong Kong.

We are used to being with our youngsters 24/7 and someday I suppose our children took it for granted that their mother and father are with them all of the time.

And I couldn’t assist but consider how few human beings get to experience such simple things in existence.

I imply, sure lots of humans have their dream, stuff on their imaginative and prescient boards and bucket lists.

I am certain they have got matters that they desired to enjoy and locations to go to.

But in truth, what number of human beings virtually get round to crossing off even a FRACTION of the items on their wish list?

Not many.

The majority of human beings never come near.

Instead, they put things off.

Thinking… In the future I’ll take that excursion.

One day I’ll power that car I’ve usually wanted.

At some factor, I’ll have the ability to buy my dream house.

Unfortunately, that day in no way comes for most people due to the fact they are usually setting matters off into the future.

I’ve noticed this is especially proper in the community advertising and marketing industry.

Network marketers are encouraged to spend time writing down and visualizing their dreams.

But while it comes time to get into gear and create a few forward momentum… Most are stuck in impartial.

They’re too busy on the point of get geared up!

Truthfully, I am no stranger to procrastination also.

I’ve wiped clean the kitchen in place of following up with a prospect.

I’ve created to-do lists and then reprioritized the ones to-do lists, as a substitute of actually doing anything on the ones to-do lists.

I’ve long gone down YouTube and Facebook Watch “rabbit holes” about cooking shows, Taiwanese gossip indicates, Korean dramas, humorous TikTok videos and so on.

I might alternatively do something else, in preference to running on our commercial enterprise.

In reality, whilst we first got commenced in network advertising and marketing, we spent over a year making frustratingly little progress earlier than we had our “second.”

And in that moment we determined to make a BIG exchange to how we have been doing business.

We determined that in preference to chasing idea, we were going to relentlessly do all of the matters we knew we had to be doing, but changed into disposing of till day after today.

And it’s whilst the whole thing modified.

So, my question to you is this…

Are you continue to waiting to get commenced?

Are you placing your dreams on keep, on the brink of get equipped?

And if your sincere solution is “YES”…

Well, then how long are you going to attend?

How lengthy earlier than you shift into equipment and positioned the pedal to the steel?

It took over a yr before we made the selection.

And while I have no regrets, my #1 purpose is to assist my downlines get there quicker.

Because all the good things our downlines desired out of life are there for the taking, awaiting them to make the choice to just do it.

Have you been within the community advertising and MLM enterprise in Asia?

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